Monday, February 14, 2011

Yusuf Qardawi denies one of Muslim's reported hadith

Qardawi support protesters in Egypt by denying a Hadith reported in Sahih, Muslim.
The hadith's main message is that obedience is the core of Islam and Muslims have to obey those in charge even if they were unjust (using the hadith words:whip your back and steal your money.)
Although, I agree with him that potesters had the right to protest. I would like Qardawi to continue and expose other hadiths which are widely accepted and should not be.
He can't preach similar hadith when it's purpose suits him and denies it when it does not suit his purposes.
 I will try to avoid politics in my futur posts but political issues in the Middle East are closely tied to religion. I need to return to my main battle of ideology.

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