Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sharing an interesting article from New York Times

This is a good article however I would like to point out that fit for destroying is not necessarily fit for building. To use the sole argument that they are standing in the streets and willing to die for democracy is not sufficient to say they are fit for democracy. To stand in the streets you need young blood that boils and general sense of anger. We Arabs demonstrated no shortage of boiling blood power. However do we have the tenacity, commitment and convictions to rebuild ? Time will answer that question.
Few important questions to ponder:
1)Who will gain the fruit of this revolution?
2) What will happen to radically change these systems?
3) Are Arab countries ready to write a constitution that starts with We the people?
I hate to always be the one pointing that there is an elephant in the room. But hey someone has to be...

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