Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do not let the truth get in the way of a good story, go ahead and celebrate

It is a good story a pacifist revolution and a tyrant falls. However I am looking for the happy ending.  There are questions which no one knows how to answer: Did 30 years of corruption leave the Egyptian regime beyond repair? and what would it take to repair it?

Let's look at the major players in the Egyptian political field. Egypt has three traditional opposition parties: The liberal Wafd Party, the socialist National progressive Union and the Muslim Brotherhood. None of these opposition parties orchestrated the revolution and the strongest one is the Muslim brotherhood. If we look at the new opposition parties, we will find that none of it is older than eight years old. It is important to mention that Mohamed El Baradei’s group was only founded last year. Kefaya which is by far the most popular young opposition group was founded in 2004. It is led by the only Egyptian Christian in the political arena George Ishak.

So while everyone is celebrating chapter one " Mubarak leaves" I am trying to read in chapter two
"The military steps in a transitional power". I am sorry but that chapter makes me skeptical.  Here is a fun fact for you, every Egyptian president has been a military officer. The corrupt regime which served the elite and corrupt businessmen was closely tied and backed by the Egyptian army. It is hard for me to believe that the Egyptian army is not just the other face of the same coin.

The question which will determine whether the story has a happy ending or not is:Would there be an actual reform of the presidential system of Egypt? Chapter three can still be a third act of a Verdi's opera...

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