Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sharing an interesting article from New York Times

This is a good article however I would like to point out that fit for destroying is not necessarily fit for building. To use the sole argument that they are standing in the streets and willing to die for democracy is not sufficient to say they are fit for democracy. To stand in the streets you need young blood that boils and general sense of anger. We Arabs demonstrated no shortage of boiling blood power. However do we have the tenacity, commitment and convictions to rebuild ? Time will answer that question.
Few important questions to ponder:
1)Who will gain the fruit of this revolution?
2) What will happen to radically change these systems?
3) Are Arab countries ready to write a constitution that starts with We the people?
I hate to always be the one pointing that there is an elephant in the room. But hey someone has to be...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sharing an interesting article on Huffingtonpost

Here is an interesting article on Huffingtonpost:

There is a trend of home grown terrorists or simply of terrorists living among us. How can anyone ignore it or deny it? How many more attempts or failed attempts I should say for us to realize it?
I call on all and any moderate Muslim to join in the discussion. We are witnessing the birth of all futur jihad in the US. It is called local Jihad. Someone who came here on a scholarship with ill intentions.
This is the gratitude he shows to a country who opened the door to him. How shameful!
Well done FBI for keeping us safe.

I talked once with an Afghan student who came here on a scholarship from the Rotary club. I asked him why he applied and accepted the scholarship given his hatered to Americans. He answered: " anything I can get out of the dog lovers is Halal."
I tell you, I sleep better knowing that he left and went back to Afghanistan.

Unrest is spreading in the Middle East

I decided to discuss the situation of each Arab country where unrest is spreading. Starting with Yemen.
Why is Yemen different than the rest?
Opposition forces have a less of a chance to unite due to several factors:
The rural nature of the country
The rate of illiteracy
The Shia rebellion in the North
Let's not forget North and South Yemen united in 1990 and the South is always screaming discrimination.
When the president Ali Abdel Allah Salah warns that the country would fall into the hands of extremisms, the international community is inclined to believe him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hosni Mubarak on trial

What does this picture means? It seems to me that talk about freezing Mubarak's assets is the favorite topic to young Arabs today. However if this actually happens would the money go to the Egyptian bread and feed poor Egyptian?
What would poor Egyptian gain from executing Mubarak?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Egyptian take on Lara Logan's tragedy

In speaking with my Egyptians Facebook friends, I asked the question: How could a tragedy like Lara Logan's tragedy happen? The response I got was that this story is a lie and that I should not believe it. The response was a unanimous agreement that this story was a made up lie to tarnish the reputation of democracy seekers.

I am well aware of conspiracy theory tendencies and blame everything on the Jews attitude. However, how can anyone believe that a woman can falsely claim to be raped (gang-raped)?

My Egyptians friends on Facebook are prominent in Egyptian society and possess a high intellect.
I continue to be baffled...


Monday, February 21, 2011

Would you suggest a title?

My dear readers, I am working on a book proposal this week. I do not have an agent or an editor yet. However, I met people working in the publishing field and I believe that I have a lead. I want to write a book about how I was raised to fit the obedient Muslim girl. I want the book to be a cultural class from the point of view of an insider. I want to write about reading my first fatwa and about the sheik who tutored me until I became a Hafez (Koran keeper). I learned that writers do not get to choose the titles or front cover. However, I would like to present a complete book proposal with a good title in two weeks. I am open to all your suggestions and I appreciate your contribution.

I know that my “Opposition fans group” thinks that I am getting paid by the Jews to write my blog. I am not and the leads I met are not Jews.  I know that it is a habit for Muslims to blame anything they do not like on the Jews. I find it funny when I get these “Opposition fans group” messages.

I know that some of you have expressed their desire for me to publish. I am working on getting a book deal. The book proposal is step one so give me all your sound advises.
As always I appreciate all my readers support including the “Opposition fans group” who helps me keep going.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

My comment at National review online

I am posting a comment on National review and I am not sure if it will be posted.
Here it is
As a moderate Muslim, I find it shameful to hear Qardawi who is at the core of Fatwas and islamists ideals.
He uses verses of Koran to say that the Jews will face three majors disasters before they get destroyed. One is during Pharao times, second under Hitler then he cheers islamists to go bring on the third time through Jihad.
Islamists spent a long time on Holocaust denial, and it did not work for them so they flipped the switch and now claiming the Hitler was acting on God's order.
I try to expose Qaradwi every chance I get on my daily blog moderatemuslimspeaksout.However, I know that he is hero in Muslim'seye even mainstream Muslims.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

My last comment on the Huffington post

I am a moderate Muslim and I find that public hearing in Congress on the "radicaliz­ation" of Muslim Americans makes sense. Last year, we had few incidents of internal terrorism: The Fort Hood incident; the failed car bomber in New York; The Pakistani American arrested in Ashburn Virginia and the incident of a Somali American arrested after a sting operation. This last young Muslim attempted to bomb a public square during a Christmas lighting ceremony. I am glad that it was a sting operation.
I believe that instead of opposing that public hearing, try to make sure that it stays fair and serve its purpose. Instead of acting defensive and plead the fifth and sue for harassment­, moderate Muslims should first defend their religion against Islamists.

There is a lot to be done by moderate Muslims in addition to earn a decent living. I do a small part in my daily blog moderatemu­slimspeaks­up. I feel that it is our duty which is not imposed by others, to update old interpreta­tion of Koran and help save the Muslim youth from falling into the hands of Islamists.
I get randomly selected at airports all the time and you know how it makes me feel. It makes me feel safe because I am going to be on that plane as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My comment on Deepak Chopra's article on the prophet Muhammad

Deepak Chopra wrote on the Huffington post an article to congratulate Muslims on the prophet's birthday. It had some troublesome statements which I would rather not discuss at this point.The thread of comments as always was divided between Islamophobes, Muslims and Islam's supporters. Here is my comment on the article and other comments. To read the article please look up Deepak Chopra on the Huffington post.

The prophet Muhammad( Peace be upon him) was not tasked to convert anyone. He was tasked to deliver a message, as the first pillar of Islam calls him the messenger of God. Furthermore, the verse stating that that Muhammad was the messenger and that his only responsibility is notification is repeated three times in Koran.  Here is the location of these verses for those for own a Koran (Surah/chapter 5 verse 99, Surah/chapter 24 verse 54, Surah/chapter 29, verse 18).
If we are to examine the life of Muhammad (PBUH), let’s not think of him as a conqueror. Please remember the important message out of Surah/chapter 3, verse 159
“ and if you had been rude and harsh in heart they would have disbanded from about you…”
In my blog moderatemuslimspeaksup, I invite readers to have discussions over what had polluted the air about Islam. The discussion always ends by a translation of a verse and a different interpretation of the same verse. I believe that moderate Muslims should reevaluate the old interpretation of Koran. It is up to us to rid Islam from Islamist’s ideas and remember that even our prophet needed only to notify people of the message not convert them.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Yusuf Qardawi denies one of Muslim's reported hadith

Qardawi support protesters in Egypt by denying a Hadith reported in Sahih, Muslim.
The hadith's main message is that obedience is the core of Islam and Muslims have to obey those in charge even if they were unjust (using the hadith words:whip your back and steal your money.)
Although, I agree with him that potesters had the right to protest. I would like Qardawi to continue and expose other hadiths which are widely accepted and should not be.
He can't preach similar hadith when it's purpose suits him and denies it when it does not suit his purposes.
 I will try to avoid politics in my futur posts but political issues in the Middle East are closely tied to religion. I need to return to my main battle of ideology.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do not let the truth get in the way of a good story, go ahead and celebrate

It is a good story a pacifist revolution and a tyrant falls. However I am looking for the happy ending.  There are questions which no one knows how to answer: Did 30 years of corruption leave the Egyptian regime beyond repair? and what would it take to repair it?

Let's look at the major players in the Egyptian political field. Egypt has three traditional opposition parties: The liberal Wafd Party, the socialist National progressive Union and the Muslim Brotherhood. None of these opposition parties orchestrated the revolution and the strongest one is the Muslim brotherhood. If we look at the new opposition parties, we will find that none of it is older than eight years old. It is important to mention that Mohamed El Baradei’s group was only founded last year. Kefaya which is by far the most popular young opposition group was founded in 2004. It is led by the only Egyptian Christian in the political arena George Ishak.

So while everyone is celebrating chapter one " Mubarak leaves" I am trying to read in chapter two
"The military steps in a transitional power". I am sorry but that chapter makes me skeptical.  Here is a fun fact for you, every Egyptian president has been a military officer. The corrupt regime which served the elite and corrupt businessmen was closely tied and backed by the Egyptian army. It is hard for me to believe that the Egyptian army is not just the other face of the same coin.

The question which will determine whether the story has a happy ending or not is:Would there be an actual reform of the presidential system of Egypt? Chapter three can still be a third act of a Verdi's opera...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Islamists ideology part of Islam or is it a culture issue?

For Sam,

It has been a standard response for moderate Muslim to say: ( Islamists do not represent Islam). Moderate Muslims or what westerns see as Moderate always distance themselves from extremists by saying: "They hijacked Islam." " It is a culture problem ..." "It is a political problem". 
Here is my answer it is a religion problem spread to become a cultural issue and powered by political ambition.

Once a Muslim scholar practices Ijtihad (deploy his mental effort) and gives an explanation. It becomes part and a version of Islam. Ijtihad is the source that allows us Muslims to believe that Islam is valid at all time. Muslims scholars and thinkers explain then Muslims follow what is their heart and choose which direction to go. Sayyid Qutb whether I like it or not is a Muslim scholar with followers. To say I am moderate and he is an extremist is taking the easy way out. I do not take the easy way out. He is Muslim and I am Muslim and we all follow the same rules which allow both of us to choose. We all read the same book. I am chossing verses and they are choosing verses and sometimes even using the same verses we have different interpretations.

The reality is I can't call them non- Muslims or use the standard answer they hijacked Islam. I can't denounce Islamists as much as they should not denounce me.  Although of course they denounce moderate Muslims and call us Kafir/ infidels.It is an IDEOLOGY WAR. They have centers, schools, and followers to spread their ideology. I have a blog.

Is Muslim Brotherhood a friend or foe?

Let’s review some facts. It was founded in 1928 by Hassan Al Banna who was a pious man. He wanted to lead Muslims by example and initiated the idea of providing community centers to help Muslims. In 1952,Muslim Brotherhood played a large role in Egypt’s revolution along with the Free Officers movement. Although Egyptian history books minimize the Muslim Brotherhood influence, King Farouk wrote in his diary that Muslim Brotherhood toppled his regime.

In 1954, Nasser’s regime (The free Officers movement) started to arrest, torture and kill Muslim brotherhood members. Sayyid Qutb was arrested, released and arrested again due to a deteriorated health conditions.  He started the call for Jihad based Surah 9 verse 111 (which I previously discussed in my blog).  He received the death sentence in 1966. Sayyid Qutb’s books are considered the core of the Islamist’s ideology.

In 1972, in exchange of allowing Muslim Brotherhood to join the political field, Umr Al Tilmisani renounced violence. It was a bargain made between him and Sadat the Egyptian president. As their power as group grew, they plotted and assassinated President Sadat in 1981. Learning from his predecessor mistakes Mubarak did oppress Muslim Brotherhood. In many cases, he caused them to leave the land.

By the early 90s, the moderate members within Muslim Brotherhood started to demand changes and reform. Muslim brotherhood members say that they support human rights as they have learned that “Human rights” is a magic word which adds legitimacy. However you can’t bring up the word women’s rights to MB without creating a conflict. These members had to leave and they created ( Hizab Al Wasat/ the party of the middle).Wasat leaders helped creating a movement of change under the slogan Kifaya/ enough in 2005.

Muslim Brotherhood ideology is based on Jihad and radical ideas. Sayyid Qutb is their shaheed/ martyr and his books calling for Jihad and Muslim nation is at the core of the ideology ofMuslim Brotherhood.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why do I think protesters should walk away?

If the purpose of the protest was to see change, then they should have celebrated the victory.
What victory? The victory is that they got heard and seen for he first time. They also got international support to ensure tha the president will not run. He appointed a vice minister for the first time. the fact that protesters standing in Tahrir square will not create jobs or solve economic problems.  A power vacuum will lead  Egypt to fall into  the hands of Muslim brotherhood.
That is my fear. Some of the chants in arabic were saying islamiah which means muslim country. First rumors to spread on the streets is that the bad guys are Mossad. I fear for the safety of Christians Egyptians . I fear a civil war. I fear an islamist Egypt.

هوجة من غير عرابي is my political Egyptian poem about Tahrir square

النهاردة حاحكي لكو حكاية من ميدان التحرير

عويس:ياعم قوم خلينا نروح

سيد: يعني وراك الديوان ياخي
اهو بدل قعدتنا على القهوة

خليل :اسمعني بس عملونا ابطال ,عملونا رجالة
خليك يا راجل واقف معانا

عويس: دي حتولع يابا

سيد: ما تولع ولا تتحرق بجاز
اهو ضربوا الاعور

عويس: دي بلدنا برده واهو قال حيمشي

خليل: استنى بس
ده الواد سفروت بقى شهيد
حديد على حديد يفعل الله مايريد

عويس: اهو انتوا كده عايزين جنازة

ومشي عويس وفضل خليل وسيد في حيص بيص
وتوتة توتة فرغت الحدوتة

Yusuf Al Qardawi urges Egyptians protesters to go to Tahrir square

3 is the unconfirmed number of death which has people outraged about Mubarak supporters or Mubarak thugs or call them whatever you want to call them. The gunfire source is not even verified. Eye witness accounts are allegedly confirming that they saw I Ds on the thugs linking them to Mubarak regime. May I ask how were they able to ask the armed ones to step of their camels and horses and show I D?

 In a country of 80 millions, Really 3 !  We are outraged about 3. It is probably the number of death of people dying daily from heart attacks sitting on their couches watching TV in Egypt or just from breathing polluted Egyptian air. It is definitely LESS than the number of people dying from car accidents driving like crazy in Tahrir square everyday. Have you ever been in Tahrir square? I have and people die everyday just crossing or driving in Tahrir square.

 (Due to the Maybe 3 dead) we are  now urging Obama to use pressure on Mubarak to leave. I thought that what we hold dearly as Americans is a policy of no interference.Whether they are Mubarak supporters or Mubarak thugs, violence is the language spoken in the Middle East. Let them deal with each other using the language that they all speak. If you study Egyptian history you will find that nothing changes there unless you use force.

The peaceful protesting is a new trend coming from Egyptians in their twenties who are following westerners and asking for their rights the western way. They should have had a western reaction and accept his speech as victory. They should have gone home and celebrated a victory.The fact that he was not going to step down immediatly made them react with their boiling hot Egyptian feelings. They throw a tantrum and got punished. These young protesters are being manipulated. I hope their activists take a moment to think what is at stake here.
 Yussef Al Qardawi is asking young protesters to go seek martyrdom in Tahrir square. Strange, I thought Islam  according to Al Qardawi is about following whatever the people in charge say without questioning or is it only the rule once Islamic groups are in charge?

Yusuf Al Qardawi is an Egyptian associated with MB (Muslim Brotherhood). Is it still not clear where this power vacuum will lead Egypt?