Monday, February 21, 2011

Would you suggest a title?

My dear readers, I am working on a book proposal this week. I do not have an agent or an editor yet. However, I met people working in the publishing field and I believe that I have a lead. I want to write a book about how I was raised to fit the obedient Muslim girl. I want the book to be a cultural class from the point of view of an insider. I want to write about reading my first fatwa and about the sheik who tutored me until I became a Hafez (Koran keeper). I learned that writers do not get to choose the titles or front cover. However, I would like to present a complete book proposal with a good title in two weeks. I am open to all your suggestions and I appreciate your contribution.

I know that my “Opposition fans group” thinks that I am getting paid by the Jews to write my blog. I am not and the leads I met are not Jews.  I know that it is a habit for Muslims to blame anything they do not like on the Jews. I find it funny when I get these “Opposition fans group” messages.

I know that some of you have expressed their desire for me to publish. I am working on getting a book deal. The book proposal is step one so give me all your sound advises.
As always I appreciate all my readers support including the “Opposition fans group” who helps me keep going.


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  1. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (a "Jewish Sufi")February 22, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    I find nothing wrong with the title "MODERATE MUSLIM SPEAKS". I once read a book by a "Black Muslim" titled "Malcolm x Speaks". It was one of the best books I ever read. It humanized the Islam Faith for me, simply because of the heartfelt, Passionate Righteousness of this Beautiful, Lovely Man. Malcolm started out as a pimp, criminal, and incarcerated convict, who through his Islam Faith, journeyed to Mecca and redeemed his sordid past. I would think that a Muslim Women with your experience in Orthodox Islam who studied the Koran religiously- could similarly tell of your Trials, Tribulations, and Redemption (from an Egyptian Understudy, to a Strong Keeper of the Faith, who happens to Know Her Own Mind). I believe Readers would enjoy seeing the World from YOUR "point of view", through your own eyes, rather than seeing it as a narrative in some kind of "Novel Format" (some "Autobiographical" material, combined with your rebellious nature that led you to writing your Novel, which does not "fit into a neat box" in many of your detractors narrow-minds!) I, myself am curious about the "transformation" you went through, from student, adept, wife, seeker-of-your-own-truth... up to your present state-of-mind. I have every confidence that you could write an even "Better Selling" Book than before, if you trust your own heart and soul- and go with your "intuition"- rather than trying to "think about it" too much. Well, those are my thoughts, and I hope you will take these as a "grain of sand" in the vast possibilities of your Future Success.