Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My comment on Deepak Chopra's article on the prophet Muhammad

Deepak Chopra wrote on the Huffington post an article to congratulate Muslims on the prophet's birthday. It had some troublesome statements which I would rather not discuss at this point.The thread of comments as always was divided between Islamophobes, Muslims and Islam's supporters. Here is my comment on the article and other comments. To read the article please look up Deepak Chopra on the Huffington post.

The prophet Muhammad( Peace be upon him) was not tasked to convert anyone. He was tasked to deliver a message, as the first pillar of Islam calls him the messenger of God. Furthermore, the verse stating that that Muhammad was the messenger and that his only responsibility is notification is repeated three times in Koran.  Here is the location of these verses for those for own a Koran (Surah/chapter 5 verse 99, Surah/chapter 24 verse 54, Surah/chapter 29, verse 18).
If we are to examine the life of Muhammad (PBUH), let’s not think of him as a conqueror. Please remember the important message out of Surah/chapter 3, verse 159
“ and if you had been rude and harsh in heart they would have disbanded from about you…”
In my blog moderatemuslimspeaksup, I invite readers to have discussions over what had polluted the air about Islam. The discussion always ends by a translation of a verse and a different interpretation of the same verse. I believe that moderate Muslims should reevaluate the old interpretation of Koran. It is up to us to rid Islam from Islamist’s ideas and remember that even our prophet needed only to notify people of the message not convert them.



  1. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (may peace be unto you)February 17, 2011 at 2:26 AM

    I truly believe the "MESSAGE" Prophet Muhammed delivered was "Non-Verbal". I feel the same for Moses,Krsna Jesus, Bahaullah, as well the "Holy Earth Mother" found in ALL Religions; ignored by misogynists & men afraid of the "Power" of "Feminine Energy" (the "yin" factor of integral "yin/yang"). The problen with EVERYONE'S Faith-Tradition, is that every one of them has been "MASCULINIZED". The same also with "Medicine", "Arts", "Sciences" etc. When healing was an "Art" developed by "Female Intuition" Women were the earliest Doctors, Herbalists,Spiritual ("Healing Touch") therapists. They HAD to be, for early men were Hunter/Gatherers, while the women were needed to soothe and heal babies and men alike with their "natural gift" from God.
    Women were the "Priestesses" for they were more closer to nature and the Earth. Men being very jealous of Women's "secret power" of "Feeling" overpowering "Thinking" stole away her accepted "Goddess" position and substituted so-called "Male Prophets" for the Wisdom, Power, Love and Natural Superiority of "Intuition" over "Brute force of Muscle" and ignorant "Brain Power". All the prophets mentioned above, learned how to integrate their "feminine intuition" with their "masculine intellect" as women were always able to do with their Superior Nature. In America they were persecuted as falsely- maligned "Witches"(this means "Wicca", which means "Wisecraft"). They were often slaughtered because because men feared their "spiritual powers" in the name of "Masculine-oriented" fake "Christianity". Something similar is going on in fake "Jewish" and "Muslim" culture also, which is NOT TRUE "RELIGION" (Because religion is "Love" which can only be found in your Heart, not words/scriptures/ideologies which is a "Head Trip" invented by jealous "Fake Men". All the Prophets above were "REAL MEN"; they were NOT "Fake", because they never feared their "Feminine Potential" for "Wholeness". If men succeed in only changing "Political", and "Material" circumstances in recent "Protest Movements" they will have failed God. Men need to CHANGE THEMSELVES and accept the nonverbal Blessing of Father/Mother "Great Spirit" along with "Mother Nature". American Indians and also Eastern Religions, are much more aware than our Western Faith traditions. In Hinduism there is Radha and Khrishna integrated as "RadhaKrishna";
    in Buddhism there is the feminine-force of Yin and the deity called "Kwan Yin". I believe that not only Islam (as Islamophobes claim), but ALL RELIGIONS WERE "HIJACKED" by "false prophets". We all need to change our misperceptions of "God" if we expect to live in a loving, peaceful
    and "Truthful World". The "Lies" must END!!!

  2. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (may peace be unto you)February 17, 2011 at 3:33 AM

    For the "LIES TO END"... THE "LIGHT MUST SHINE"!!!

  3. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (may peace be unto you)February 17, 2011 at 12:59 PM

    No "LIGHT CAN SHINE"... UNLESS you allow your "HEART TO OPEN" and "BE" your "HOME"- NOT by "Thinking", NOT by "Feeling", NOT by "Doing"... but by "BEING". You are more than "YOU- MAN"... You are "HU-MAN"... a "SHINING BEING OF LIGHT"!

  4. Good words and interesting prose, but the mind and thinking is within the realm of ego and ego lives in separation from God, Spirit, or whatever your religious tradition chooses to call that which is all things and all time and which never not existed.

    As in the rest of existence everyone (everything) has a part and these parts are different. I'm sure the deer does not begrudge the mountain lion for his (from the deer's frame of reference) seemingly distructive and violent behavior. Because the deer does nit in his mind exist outside creation and attempt to view it as an exterior observer.

    If at anytime you with an awake mind "have a firm grasp and understanding" of what existence is, is about, and how ALL people should live it you have already over simplified and therefore truncated (with your ego) what the human mind (gray matter) is incapable of understanding in its entirety and have become yet another facet of "the problem."

    So be careful casting such wide nets of who you think is misguided and otherwise 'wrong' for you are not capable of seeing the forest through the trees and therefore are largely unaware of what roll each person is filling at any particular time.

    Bottom line in a world of God's love and the gift of free will your intolerance is no less intolerant than those that you malign.

  5. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (may peace be unto you)February 18, 2011 at 7:08 AM

    It is good to hear from you Shawn J.- Yours, is the FIRST comment on this blog I have seen (except my own, of course). Anyway, I AGREE with the "first" thing you said: "The Mind & Thinking is within the realm of EGO, which is separation from GOD [or whatever my Religious-Tradition chooses to call THAT which is all things and all time and that which never NOT EXISTED". I am OK with that statement, Shawn.
    However, I only consider myself a "Jew" from a "cultural" standpoint. I have no "religious tradition": My only religion is "Love"; my only race is "Human"; my only country is "Earth", & my only time&place is here&now!
    I also agree that "everyone and everything has a part in the scheme of existence, and that all these parts are different". Where you and me, part though, is that I feel at the same time, that "everyone and everything" is "THE SAME"!
    I know this is a paradox, and I hardly can understand this myself, but I can "sense" that this is "true" and "real". I am attending two groups: one is "Circle of Oneness"; the other is "House of Being", and they are both trying to express similar ideas, which I cannot quite grasp at this time. The ideas are similar to those in "A Course In Miracles" and can also be found in "Taoism" & "Buddhism". I agree with your argument that "Bad & Good"/"Right & Wrong" cannot be simplified into "Absolutes"; for it is our false-ego that separates these, and all other "dualities", when ALL IS ONE, ALL IS HERE AND NOW, & ALL IS PERFECT IN THE UNIVERSAL MIND OF EXISTENCE. But this is a hard concept to get a handle-on or "Grok" as they say. I am sorry that I still see the World through the eyes of "Problems" and "Judgments" and "roles" and in a word: "Particulars" (rather than seeing Life, and Reality, as a "Whole") But I am taking "baby steps" to reach this "Higher Awareness". It is , supposedly, the "Great Prophets" that Samara speaks of, that have taken a "Quantum Leap" upon this "Journey Home". At this time I can only "intuitively sense" what it is I must "Think", "Feel", or "Do"- but none of these will Matter if I do not integrate all 3 into a "Single State" which we call "Being" (and can not be located in our Heads, Guts, or Genitals, but can only be found in our Hearts. A lot of what I have learned in my studies, is not the things found in "Religion", but more in Jungian "Psychology". I hope this satisfies some of your criticism of me, in which I am not really offended, but more "confused". If you can try to explain further what you mean by "casting wide nets" and "those I malign", Perhaps I can learn something from you, Shawn. Until then, I will wish you "Love, Peace, & Light", Sam Klein