Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sharing an interesting article on Huffingtonpost

Here is an interesting article on Huffingtonpost:

There is a trend of home grown terrorists or simply of terrorists living among us. How can anyone ignore it or deny it? How many more attempts or failed attempts I should say for us to realize it?
I call on all and any moderate Muslim to join in the discussion. We are witnessing the birth of all futur jihad in the US. It is called local Jihad. Someone who came here on a scholarship with ill intentions.
This is the gratitude he shows to a country who opened the door to him. How shameful!
Well done FBI for keeping us safe.

I talked once with an Afghan student who came here on a scholarship from the Rotary club. I asked him why he applied and accepted the scholarship given his hatered to Americans. He answered: " anything I can get out of the dog lovers is Halal."
I tell you, I sleep better knowing that he left and went back to Afghanistan.

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