Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Egyptian take on Lara Logan's tragedy

In speaking with my Egyptians Facebook friends, I asked the question: How could a tragedy like Lara Logan's tragedy happen? The response I got was that this story is a lie and that I should not believe it. The response was a unanimous agreement that this story was a made up lie to tarnish the reputation of democracy seekers.

I am well aware of conspiracy theory tendencies and blame everything on the Jews attitude. However, how can anyone believe that a woman can falsely claim to be raped (gang-raped)?

My Egyptians friends on Facebook are prominent in Egyptian society and possess a high intellect.
I continue to be baffled...



  1. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (a "Jewish Sufi")February 23, 2011 at 10:17 PM

    Don't feel too bad, Samara. You remember how hateful and ignorant those people were on the Jewish Blog we both Posted on. My people are just as bigoted and uninformed as your people. Your new book will help to "remove the veil" from all their eyes, and teach them to "see the Truth": "LOVE" is stronger than both "FEAR" and "HATE". Keep fighting the evil of "Antisemitism" and I will continue my "One Man Crusade" against "Misogyny and Islamophobia". Together, we will overcome & WIN THE PEACE & theyll SEE THE LIGHT!

  2. thanks for your dialogue. I would like to do something to let Lara know she is not forgotten. Do you know the latest news on her recovery? Keep shining that light, friends!