Monday, July 18, 2011

When the veil drops gets positive feedback

Last week, there was a post against the book in Altwaheed website. I was very happy about it for the short period they had it. I thought that it is about time to expose the duality about sex in Islamic society. Then the moderator of the website removed it , no doubt for controversy.

Today, I got the message from a book club for Muslim Americans refusing to include the book into their summer reading. My friend who pretended of course not to know me, told me that the book club leader said: " Well the writer is not Muslim so why should we read her crazy book."

I came home a little disappointed , only to find the following positive message from a clandestine Saudi female reader: "a life in which we are fearful and timid, compromising on our beliefs to conform is a sorry life and an unfortunate mode of being, not a dignified existence but a vegetation.." and she signed it Your little sister

One good message is worth 1000 negative comments.