Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why are we losing the Muslim youth to Jihad?

Yesterday,a Somali American was arrested for attempting to bomb a public square during a Christmas lighting ceremony. The problem is that he is NOT listening to Muslim scholars teaching him a peaceful Islam. He did not  probably read Surah 5, verse 48 " To each of you we prescribed a law and a method" but chances are he saw the cartoons depicting Jews as pigs and monkey based on Surah 5 verse 60.
" Say shall I inform you of what worse than that as penalty from Allah? It is those whom Allah has cursed and with whom he is angry and made of hem apes and pigs and slaves of taghut.Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way."

As you see 12 verses down Koran goes from saying each has his religion and will be judged by it to a verse depicting Jews as monkeys and pigs. This verse is particulary talking about Jews who did not keep the convenant of Sabbath. Muslim scholars can pick, choose and fabricate Jihad dreams as they wish.  Taking verses out of context and give it their own explanation is their own Friday afternoon hobby. Our prophet ( Peace be upon him) lived among Jews and did not say follow me and eradicate Jews. Islam received early support of a christian king of what is known now as Ethiopia because of the peaceful message without that support we probably would not be talking about Islam today.

Why are we not trying to reach the Muslim youth with the right message? Why not call for a Jihad to end hunger, bad living conditions,and corruption? My personal Jihad is of course to end ignorance.
How many more Muslim youth should we lose to extremists?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hijab ( Veil) should be abolished

Here is the verse which is understood as the decree of veil on Muslims, Surah 33, verse 59

"O prophet,tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves part of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not abused. And ever is Allah forgiving and Merciful."

First even if we take this verse at face value,the decree includes wives,daughters of the prophet, and wives of Muslims. Then enforcing wearing the veil on children is unjustified.

Second, Let us explain it in context. Everyone living in harsh environment needed a head covering.There were slaves who were not allowed to have head covering. People abused women on the street without head covering, the verse clearly states that the wisdom behind wearing the veil is to protect the women by identifying them as free Muslims women ( not slaves). The day slavery was abolished, wearing the veil should have become absolete.

Third, Following the wisdom of the decree of Koran, Muslims women who live in the west should NOT wear the veil for their protection.

Once again Muslims scholars who are mostly men are not seeking ways to liberate women from an old tradition which has nothing to do with Koran.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Injustice done to women for years due to one of Muhammad's Hadith

Hadith  or the prophet 's speech has proven not to be a reliable source of Islam. Periodically Muslims would face a Hadith that would shroud the prophet's reputation in uncertainty and they would claim that this particular hadith is Israelite ( Added by Israeli/as the designated enemy).
Here is one hadith which is  full of flaws and in contradiction with the message of Koran yet nobody cared to announce it wrong.

Here is the translation:" The prophet went out once to offer the pre-dawn prayer at the place of prayer, and he passed by a group of women and he said:" P group of women ! Give alms, for I have shown that you women form the majority of the inhabitants of Hell." and they asked:" Why is this O prophet?"
He replied: " You are always cursing and being ungrateful to your husbands and I have never met anyone with such a lack in their intelligence and religion. A single one of you would make even the most resolute of men go out of his mind!"
They said:" What lack is there in our religion and intelligence, O Muhammad?"
He replied:" Is not the testimony of a woman rqual to half the testimony of a man?"
They replied:" Certainly"
" Then this is the lack in your intelligence. And is it not that when a woman is menstruating she is neither to pray nor fast?"
They replied:" Certainly"
"Then this is what lack a woman has in her religion."

This hadith has caused a number of injustice toward women for hundreds of years. I am not saying that it is Israelite like most Muslims do when they do not like a hadith.  Whether this hadith is correct or not is irrelevant. It is in contradiction  with the message of Koran.

I am advocating that we should differentiate between Muhammad the messenger relying the message of God and Muhammad the human. Muhammad was married to 11 or 13 wives ( If you count  Marya the christian and Raihanna the jew) it is very possible for him to have had a bad day and announced that women were lacking intelligence and religion.
It is noteworthy to mention that he did not say this hadith while he was married to Khadija ( First Muslim) who was a great  emotional and financial supporter to the call of Islam.

I invite my brothers and sisters Muslim to read the verse 97 , Surah 16 which equates between men and women " Whoever does righteousness whether male of female while he is a believer -we will surely cause him to  live a good life and we will surely give them their reward in the Hereafter according to the best of what they used to do."

Women are not lacking intelligence and religion and even if the prophet said so. It was not a divine inspiration since it does violate the rules given by the Koran.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reply to Zanubiyah's message

Thank you dear sister for your comment. Thank you for saying that Islamic practices based on interpretation given by men who lived years ago that is  indeed the core of my message. When I mentioned that we need to find a broad definition of the word Islam, I was refering to the word Islam and Muslim as it used in Koran. The word in Koran has a broader definition than the common accepted one. Only God knows who is speading Fitnah and who is considered kafir. The judgment should be left for God.

I agree with you that only Koran is the final judge. That is the message that I am hoping to start spreading.
I do not claim to speak for Islam or for Muslims. I ask questions for my brothers and sisters in Islam in hope to co-construct answers.

Thank you

Zanubiyah's message


NOTHING other than the Holy Qur'an speaks for all of Islam. We do not defend things that are not true, nor do we let ANYONE or ANYTHING define Islam or those who practice it other than the Holy Qur'an. We dont let the Pam Gellers, or Fox News define Islam, and we do not al Quid'a or Usama bin Laden define Islam.

In Islam we fight against oppression of ANY KIND. We do not define oppression by the ethnic group of the offender or the victim, nor his religion. We define oppession by the act. In other words, as Muslims we speak out against ALL oppression against ANYONE, for ANY REASON.

WE do not take PERSONAL responsibility for evil done in the name of Islam. WE condemn it without caveat. WE strongly encourage or brothers and sisters to learn the deen, so that they do not fall for the fitnah and kafirs pretending to represent us. When WE find evil amonst us, WE root it out, and turn them in to authorities. We do not coddle them, defend them, or otherwise support them. We do pray for them that they will find the truth, and we look inwardly at how WE failed them, and WE correct that failure within the ulmah.
“"We do not defend things that are not true, nor do we let ANYONE or ANYTHING define Islam or those who practice it other than the Holy Qur'an. We dont let the Pam Gellers, or Fox News define Islam, and we do not al Quid'a or Usama bin Laden define Islam."

-completely ridiculous. The interpretation you have of various quranic verses is based on ijma, the sum of centuries of subjective interpretation by conservative islamic scholars. Islam is defined by the opinions of men living hundreds of years ago.

In a way, I agree with you in the context of where you live. I do agree that we should join the fight against radicalism. ALL radicalism that hurts innocents.”

My comment on the Daily Caller

Zakat money can sometimes be used to support terrorists. Read the news and my comment


The position of Jews and Christians in Koran # 2

If you have talked to a moderate Muslim before, you probably heard the following verse(Surah 2, verse 62):
“ Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans ( before the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him), those among them who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.”
Interestingly, the verse was also repeated in Surah 5, verse 69

I would also like to highlight the following verse: “To each of you we prescribed a law and a method.” Surah 5, verse 48 .The question remains why are these verses frequently ignored by Islamic scholars who support violence against Christians and Jews?

Further analysis of the position of Christians and Jews in Koran will follow.

The position of Jews and Christians in Koran # 1

I have heard Surah 109, verse 6 from moderate Muslims as a proof of Islam being tolerant of other religions. The verse is “For you is your religion and for me is my religion”. It is a very tolerant verse.However I am against the quotation of this verse because it is from the surah Al-Kafirun (Non-believers) and it refers to non-believers not Christians and Jews.
I believe it to be popular only because the Surah is fairly short (6 verses) and most short surah (s) are used in daily prayers. We need to continue  at all time making the distinction between non-believers and the people of the book ( Jews and Christians). It should be rather used to show that Islam advocates tolerance toward non-believers.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My take on the lawsuit against the mosque in Tennesse

As a moderate Muslim, I can actually see the point of the plaintiff as well. However opposing the mosque is not the correct course of action for the following reasons:First, it will fuel hatered as it will support the image of Islam being under attack and show radical Muslims as justified.
Second,the Us is built on equal rights. If we deprive Muslims from a place to worship, then the terrorists win.
Following what these islamic leaders of this mosque advocate and trying to hold them accountable for any propaganda which incites violence is a better alternative. Encouraging moderate Muslims to speak against violence is the best solution.

I posted it on a dailycaller.com article

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The broad definition of Muslims

The verse for today is 85 from Surah Al-Imran, “And whoever desires other than Islam as religion never will it be accepted from him and he in the Hereafter will be among losers.” which is frequently used by extremists to justify violence.  What they chose to ignore is the fact that it followed a verse explaining that God does not differentiate between people of all religions. Read verse 84 with me: “Say we have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants (al-Asbat) and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord, We make no distinction between any of them and we are Muslims ( submitting to him.” The broad definition of Islam has been ignored on purpose to justify violence against Jews and Christians. There is no reason in Koran to commit violence against people of the book (Scripture).

The key to understand peaceful Islam is to explore the broad definition of Muslim in Islam. For more on the subject, follow my blog and comment as you wish.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Eid everyone !

Today is the celebration of the sacrifice that Abraham almost sacrified his favorite son for God. Koran calls Abraham the first Muslim. The board definition of the word Islam in Koran has been ignored. If Abraham is considered Muslim way before the prophet Mohamed then what makes a person Muslim? The Koran explains that Abraham believed in the oneness of God and resigned his fate to God. If some Hadiths confirm that the religion for God is Islam ONLY, then that does not mean that everyone should convert to Islam. It rather means that the broader definition of Islam is the correct definition.
Happy Eid !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My take on Koran burning

"Indeed it is we who sent down the message and indeed we will be its guardian." Surah 15, Verse 9. I believe that we lost sight of what is important. Koran is a message preserved by God. Koran is not 300 pages book. It is written in the holy slate as we believe. If every Koran book is still in existence from the first Koran written then where are all these thousands  antique  600 years old Korans?
It is illogical to believe that because a piece of paper has Koran verses on it then it is Holy. Should not we as Muslims strive to keep Koran in our heart?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why did I start my blog?

On October 29, Farooq Ahmed, a Pakistani American was arrested by the FBI in Ashburn, Virginia. He followed his quest of Jihad, only he got activated by the FBI in a sting operation. Different media outlets reported that he was a quiet and ordinary man as described by his neighbors.
I was asked: “What turned a seemingly ordinary and peaceful man into an activated terrorist?” I answered: “Farooq Ahmed always practiced Jihad.  He switched the kind of Jihad he practiced and went for a hand job.” At the end of my joke, I started to explain the three Types of Jihad.
Hand Jihad where a Muslim sees Munkar (what is wrong) and physically changes it. Tongue Jihad which is to advocate verbally for Jihad and heart Jihad which is to support Jihad in your heart. Heart Jihad is the weakest form of believing, as described by the prophet Mohammad.
Jihad is a Fard Ein / obligation on every Muslim. All Muslims practice a type of Jihad. They are either supporters of Jihad or Jihad sympathizers. Does this mean all Muslims are dangerous?  To answer this question we have to analyze the word Jihad. It has been translated into "The Holy War". However, we moderate Muslims insist that Jihad means inner struggle. Is the interpretation widely accepted wrong? Should Westerners accept the definition given by moderate Muslims?
 Allow me to explain. Let's go back to the root of the word which has been the root of all terrorists' acts.  The root Jahada , which was repeated 41 times in Koran , means  to struggle, to toil, to overload a camel, and to strive after. Before celebrating the correctness of moderate Muslims, we should follow how the meaning has developed into Holy War.
Imam Bukhari explained in his book of Jihad that Muslims leading a life of piety and virtue through their Jihad "inner struggle" will simply invite others to the truth, i.e. Islam. Since the first  Khalifa / successor of Mohammad, Abu Bakr Muslims fought to restore faith. Fighting was deemed the only way for the word of God to continue and prosper. While struggle is not synonymous to war, when Muslims had to fight in defense of faith, the meaning of Jihad had extended to include the struggle against an enemy who incites you to sin and stray away from the straight path. All the terrorists had to do is point to Westerners and say they are the enemy of God.
I believe that the solution is to update Islam.  The unavoidable solution is for moderate Muslims to speak up. First give a new definition of Jihad which corresponds to the original message of Islam and second point at illiteracy which is the right enemy. The problem is not in Jihad. It is in the enemy Muslims chose to fight. As a moderate Muslim, I practice Jihad. My Jihad is against ignorance. My struggle is to help Muslims fight the right enemy. That is why I started my blog.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Moderate Muslim speaks up

My dear Muslim brothers have you ever noticed that some verses or partial verses are more popular than others?
Allow me to show you an example: “Indeed their plot is great” Surah 12, verse 28. That partial verse referred to women and it is a judgment of the inherent evil of women’s characters. While I have heard this verse repeated over and over all my life, it was never explained. It was given as a confirmation that God said women were bad.

It is the story of Joseph when the wife of the king of Egypt seduced him. The use of the word کيدهن   was not given as a conclusion by God or a commentary on the story. However it was said by the king of Egypt as he discovered his wife’s attempt to cheat on him. The same word کيدهن   was later used by Joseph when he asked God to save him from the plot of women.

The interpretation of the scene verse 24 is “She was determined to seduce him and he would have inclined if he did not see the proof from God.”
Let us analyze the verse:  ولقد همت به وهم بها لولا رءا برهان ربه.
The verb used was repeated twice for her and Joseph. That means that she seduced him and he seduced her if it was not for him seeing the proof from God. I am not saying that the king’s wife did not start the seduction verse 23 clearly stated that it was her idea and that she closed the doors.

 I want to point out that the choice of a partial verse was misleading. The use of this partial verse became a common held belief by Muslim men.Did it lead to injustice against women or at least misconception?
You be the judge.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moderate Muslim speaks up

I am a self proclaimed moderate Muslim. Yes we do exist. I want to propose a new type of Jihad for my brothers and sisters in Islam. How about if we announce a Jihad against ignorance? The first command in Koran given to our prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him) was to read. His message came to deliver people from Jahiliya (The era of ignorance and darkness). I will attempt to discuss a verse of Koran a day.

Why are we relying on centuries- old interpretations? It is time to point out the illogical inconsistency of long held Islamic beliefs with the message of Koran. As a moderate Muslim I believe it is time for us to update Islam.

 “Indeed Allah will not change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves.” Surah 13, verse 11