Sunday, November 28, 2010

Injustice done to women for years due to one of Muhammad's Hadith

Hadith  or the prophet 's speech has proven not to be a reliable source of Islam. Periodically Muslims would face a Hadith that would shroud the prophet's reputation in uncertainty and they would claim that this particular hadith is Israelite ( Added by Israeli/as the designated enemy).
Here is one hadith which is  full of flaws and in contradiction with the message of Koran yet nobody cared to announce it wrong.

Here is the translation:" The prophet went out once to offer the pre-dawn prayer at the place of prayer, and he passed by a group of women and he said:" P group of women ! Give alms, for I have shown that you women form the majority of the inhabitants of Hell." and they asked:" Why is this O prophet?"
He replied: " You are always cursing and being ungrateful to your husbands and I have never met anyone with such a lack in their intelligence and religion. A single one of you would make even the most resolute of men go out of his mind!"
They said:" What lack is there in our religion and intelligence, O Muhammad?"
He replied:" Is not the testimony of a woman rqual to half the testimony of a man?"
They replied:" Certainly"
" Then this is the lack in your intelligence. And is it not that when a woman is menstruating she is neither to pray nor fast?"
They replied:" Certainly"
"Then this is what lack a woman has in her religion."

This hadith has caused a number of injustice toward women for hundreds of years. I am not saying that it is Israelite like most Muslims do when they do not like a hadith.  Whether this hadith is correct or not is irrelevant. It is in contradiction  with the message of Koran.

I am advocating that we should differentiate between Muhammad the messenger relying the message of God and Muhammad the human. Muhammad was married to 11 or 13 wives ( If you count  Marya the christian and Raihanna the jew) it is very possible for him to have had a bad day and announced that women were lacking intelligence and religion.
It is noteworthy to mention that he did not say this hadith while he was married to Khadija ( First Muslim) who was a great  emotional and financial supporter to the call of Islam.

I invite my brothers and sisters Muslim to read the verse 97 , Surah 16 which equates between men and women " Whoever does righteousness whether male of female while he is a believer -we will surely cause him to  live a good life and we will surely give them their reward in the Hereafter according to the best of what they used to do."

Women are not lacking intelligence and religion and even if the prophet said so. It was not a divine inspiration since it does violate the rules given by the Koran.


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