Sunday, January 2, 2011

My name is Samara Alexander and here is how to contact me

First: Happy New Year to my readers! I am back to writing my blog.  I had a comment from a reader about how hard it was to leave a comment. The reader explained that he had to create an account in order to leave a comment. I thought it was really funny since his comment was about his anger and how hard it was to leave a comment. yet at the end he did not really leave a comment about the blog. I deleted the no comment/ comment.

I want to make it easy for my readers to contact me. I understand that some readers might have questions for me. My name is Samara Alexander if you have any question, you can send it to me on Face Book.  My account has the cover of my book "When the veil drops" as a picture.Or if you have a Twitter account and would like to leave me a direct message there my account name is Samara2010.

Second: I am not affiliated with any institution. I am Not paid to write my blog by the Jews (As some of the readers claimed before). Please feel free to leave me questions at my Facebook or Twitter account.


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