Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why am I writing my blog?

First, to research Koran and write about it is my hobby. I can't sleep more than four hours at night. The prophet Mohammad stayed late at night and did extra prayers. I stay up at night and read Koran. I am following the prophet's example.

Second, I am working on writing a book tentatively titled " Update Islam". I have no publisher for the book. Chances are the book will not be published. It was easier to publish a book about sex.Writing the free blog gives me the satisfaction that I am sharing my ideas.

I want to challenge the heavily guarded body of Islamic practices. Some of the Islamic long held beliefs are doctrinally incompatible with Koran.There is a need to sort out ideas which were socially constructed and ideas which are inherently consistent with the message of Koran. A slight modification of these claims will eliminate the logical inconsistency. It will ultimately enhance the understanding of the message of Koran. That is my dream/ quest.

I know what you are thinking my dear reader:" I should invest in cable television and find myself a less dangerous hobby". That is what my family members told me as they are visiting me now during Christmas break. Maybe I will. The blog brought nothing but nasty comments that I have to erase once a day.

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