Saturday, January 22, 2011

An important question for my readers

Do you consider my writings liberal Muslim speaks or moderate Muslim speaks?
I am posing this question because I heard a comment over dinner from an old friend
, well I should probably say a business associate. To me he is an old friend and I really respect his opinion. After all he was smart enough to avoid my sexual wiles when I was on the prowl (Back in the day).
His comment: “Even from the topics you discuss liberal Muslim is more appropriate as a title” If you know me, you will know that I never respond seriously. I always joke first. I said that moderate Muslim gets more hits on the blog. While this might be partially true given the stats of this blog which only surprises me everyday. His comment is making me think. I personally believe that I am “ juste au milieu” but I could be wrong.

Could it be that because all what we hear in the western world coming from the Muslim's world is extremist’s rhetoric that any other views should be considered liberal?
It is very plausible that to espouse different opinions is in fact considered liberal.
I welcome the insights of my readers. What do you think after reading my blog?
Are my opinions liberal or moderate?


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  1. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (may peace be unto you)January 22, 2011 at 6:36 AM

    Given the extreme rightwing rhetoric coming from David Horowitz and the hundreds of crazy neo-cons who support his polarizing views (as evidenced by all the hateful responses to the YouTube: "Muslim Student Speaks" on the "COLlive Blog", where both of us gave "Moderate" [not "Extreme"] commentary) I'd say, compared to all those "crazies", ANYONE would be considered "liberal"!
    However, I've found when you label yourself as a "Liberal", you stereotype yourself "in a box" and it's hard to be taken seriously by all the "Mainstream" peace-activists who may not wish to "take sides" with EITHER EXTREME!
    The Muslim Student on that film was definitely on the "Extreme Left" though she (and others) may want to downplay her views as "liberal". So, I'd say it's "safer", to call yourself a "Moderate" on the Political Spectrum. That way, you can take either side (sometimes liberal and sometimes conservative)without being labeled.
    Paraphrasing Malcolm X.: "Never put a label on yourself. Labels are poison. It's like putting the 'skull and crossbones' on a bottle of iodine as a 'Danger Warning'. People are going to put labels on you, anyway- so why on Earth would you ever want to put a 'poison label" on YOURSELF?" Take my advice Samara: stick with the term, "Moderate"; it is not so much a label as it is a "free-thinking", "open-minded" soul who wants to make HER OWN decisions.