Monday, January 17, 2011

I received a smart comment on the gay post

Thank you for posting a comment on my blog.  I am used to receiving profanity only. It is refreshing to see a smart comment so I have to post it for other readers to see.Here it is :
"1-God knows, but not necessarily prevents detrimental acts to humanity,Because God gives us the choice between right and wrong.God puts this prohibition"No marriage between man and man or woman and woman".

Marriage relationship aimed at the reconstruction of the universe ,Marriage is the way to do have means a man and a woman children .
2-Correct understanding of the Arabic language says: male and female together in a woman's uterus.
In other words, a combination between the two types in the uterus that known as the twins.
"Yozawijhom"=gather two or more: its means makes numbers in both type."

My response:
Now I understand that marriage is the way to have children. How about when earth is overpopulated?
Gay relationships can't be detrimental to humanity if earth is overpopulated, right?
As for the Arabic part, I agree that" Yozawijhom" means add a pair but how do you explain the use of the dual form for the word male and the dual form of the word female?
If we consider that gay relationships are trangressions to God's limits. We have to remember that our merciful God said that other than worshping another god, he forgives all transgressions.

Again, thank you for commenting on my blog

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