Friday, March 18, 2011

Why is Syria different?

The media has not discussed the situation in Syria at all. I find the story of Syria to be the most interesting one.
Does Syria have the ingredients for a recipe of rebellion? My answer is yes.

1) Media talked about Mubarak and the possibilty of him appointing his son as the driving force behind the opposition. How about a tyrant ( Hafez Asaad) who did just that? Hafez Alssad established his dynasty back in 1970. With the tragic untimely death of his first born, Bashar was his only heir. When Hafez died, Syria amended its consitution to allow the young Bashar to become president.
In other words, it has been a 41 years of the family of Assad rule.
I remember reading that when a tyrant has pictures all over the streets it is a sign of probable demise. Obviously political analysts have not walked in the streets of Syria. Pictures of Bashar are everywhere in Syria.

2) Demographic data shows that there is a youth bulge in Syria as well.

3) There are signs of oppression.The government even controls the internet and blocks websites and we always hear wild stories about the secret police in Syria.

4) Syria similar to Egypt and Tunisia suffers from poverty line and unemployment.

My Syrian friends tell me that Syrians love Bashar and give him credit for modernizing the country. My theory is that Assad built a strong foundation of allies and his army and secret police will back him up.

That is why I find the case of Syria interesting. It has all the ingredients. Yet nothing is cooking...

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