Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why is Sayyid Qutb cited by extremists?

I decided to read sayyid Qutb books and decide for myself. Find out what is the attraction to his writings. I decided to read it and share the information with my blog readers. I started yesterday with a book called “This is the religion”
I am on page 11 of 165 pages. I do not know if I can make it to the end of one book. Maybe my goal was a little ambitious.
Here is the translation of the paragraph which stopped me: “No one can put a manhaj (Way of life) for people. Only God put the rules for people to live by and any groups of people putting their own manhaj are taking a divine right which belongs only to God and therefore are adding a divine aspect to themselves and can’t be Muslims.”

This is why extremists like only sharia because it is divine and not made by humans. I do not believe that our Merciful God would deny us the right to decide for ourselves the rules to live by as long as we do not transgress his limits.

should I continue reading Qutb?


  1. Please.....continue

    Mostafa Attiya

  2. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (a "Jewish Sufi")March 24, 2011 at 8:07 AM

    Even the "Title" of this book puts out the "danger signal"! By whose authority does this man (or any one else) go to, to be able to nonchalantly assume, that "THIS IS THE RELIGION"? Who the heck does he believe he's speaking for- "GOD"? Anyone who is so egotistical enough to believe they are the "mouth piece for God" has "delusions of grandeur". I would not even "touch this book with a ten foot pole"! This man does not speak for anyone but himself- he certainly DOES NOT SPEAK FOR "GOD"- or what he claims to be "God"! This man is only a "Man". To be a "Prophet" or a "Saint", he will have to show some "Compassion" or "Humility". This man shows neither! He shows neither "Compassion for the Human Spirit" which is given "Free Will" from our "Creator"- not from "This Man"; nor does he show "Humility" as a "Servant To God"; this man acts as though he knows MORE THAN GOD; he tell us "WHAT TO THINK" instead of teaching us "HOW TO THINK" (And the "Biblical Doctrine of Free Will" which we are freely given through God, tells us we MUST LEARN FROM OUR OWN LIFE-EXPERIENCE; otherwise we are only "WORSHIPING THE LIFE-EXPERIENCE OF ANOTHER PERSON" and this has not the least thing to do with "Free Will"- it's more like "Slave's Will"! Put that book back on the shelf, and go back to reading the Koran or the Bible. These are your "Teachers"- not this flesh and blood "Man" who speaks as if he were "hatched" out of the "Egg of God"! But since you are endowed by God with "Free Will"- you must not listen to "Me" or to "Anyone Else"- you must listen to YOUR OWN "Free Will" whether or not to read this Man's Book! It is really as "simple" as that!