Thursday, March 24, 2011

Selective Containment in Libya is more of a triage.

The international community is at a crossroad in Libya. Two options emerge try to take out the snake head or simply protect the opposition. I am really not sure what limited involvement means?  limited in political terms is a relative and vague adjective. Time is all what Qaddafi needs and want. He will do what a good Arab does barter his way back to full power. Play off tribes against each other and divide Libya. And we all know too well what chaos breeds?

 My absolute favorite political expression is "Selective containment" by the British Prime Minister Cameron. I would rather Cameron choose the word Triage. “Ladies and gentlemen we are going to triage the situation in Libya.”

What would you do if you hire a termite company and the estimate had the title “Selective Containment”? Better yet, if you get diagnosed with cancer ( God Forbids)then an alternative medicine doctor tells you instead of removing the cancer before it spreads, we decided to do a “Selective containment”? Would you get a second opinion, I would…

The situation in Libya is a Gordian knot. Did history teach us how to solve a Gordian knot situation?

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