Friday, March 18, 2011

Saudi's day of rage turns into a day of content

Saudi's social Media called the youth to stand in protest on March 11. Despite all speculations, Saudi did not go. I published my take on Saudi on March 3saying:

I do not think Saudi would stand in the streets unless of course if the streets were air conditioned. It is easier to see angry unemployed youth in hope of better futur go stand in the streets. Why would happily unemployed youth with pockets lined with stipends go against its government?

Some of my American friends were betting me that Saudi will follow the ripples effect. All I have to say is if Islam allowed gambling, I would have made an easy hundred today. This is not an " I told you so blog" well kind of :) Laura I know you are reading my blog

 I would just like to point out that money talks the government threw a package of $36 billion dollars on unemployment benefits, salary increasing, and consumers subsidies. It is not just money it is oil money

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  1. Saudi youth take to the streets? Surely you jest. Much like our colleges in the U S. Very quiet, despite two long costly bloody wars. No draft. In both cases altogether too comfortable to leave the air conditioning and their Starbucks to do anything.