Sunday, January 30, 2011

What are Egyptians thinking?

A Face Book's riot, click if you like and share if you agree. Arab presidents are typically assassinated not voted off. The Tunisian's revolt inspired hope in the power of the people.  
This emotional uprising will not give people dignity. If you listen to interviews with Egyptians activists, you will hear emotional demands and no real plans. MB ( Muslim Brotherhood) are claiming no participation but how long before MB reaches for power.

There is a chance of civil war between Christians and Muslims. Thousands might get killed. There is always a chance of replacing a rich tyrant by a hungry one. A lot of possibilities but I can’t think of any good ones. The riots of Egyptians are worrying me.  My fear is the power vacuum created  in Egypt will make it fall into the hands of Islamists.  

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  1. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (may peace be unto you)February 3, 2011 at 12:51 PM

    If memory serves me right (correct me if I'm wrong) in Lebanon,an assassination (plotted in Syria by Hezbollah) caused a Civil War between Christians and Syrians- not "Peaceful Protest". I recall an assassination of an Arab candidate by the name of Benitar Bhutto (was it in Syria? I'm really not good at remembering things); was this caused by "Peaceful Demonstrations", or by "Religious Fanatics", or "Arab Nationalists"? (Probably the latter). According to my friend, Kala Kumar- "Terrorism" isn't caused because of "Religion" but for "Political" and "Cultural" reasons. The Muslim Brotherhood, even though they are Islamic militants, seem like they are ready to share power, as are the MB in Tunisia, if they can form a coalition-government. I am not sure if they are lying or not; but the poor seem willing to take a chance- if they can get rid of their "Dictatorships". I know Hamas took power after elections in Palestine, but you can not call the Abba Abass gov. a "dictatorship" or can you? Seems to me they were unhappy about their economy and Hamas delivered a whole lot of "charitable services" (sure- some of it was a protest against Israel, but do you believe in truth, that it was a "Religious Revolution"? (I don't think so!) I don't believe it's that easy to know "WHY" poor people will risk their lives to overthrow their governments. I think it is too complicated to claim it's "Manipulation" by one faction or another. What do YOU THINK?