Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My reply to the article Sharia and day to day existence

The article was posted at the Huffington post by Sherman Jackson and I can't put it here without copyrights issue. However, here is my comment. You can find the article easily at the Huffington post.

“I see that Sherman Jackson mastered the art of treading lightly over murky and dangerous water. The preamble of the Constituti­on starts with “We the People”. It does not start with God has ordained. I do not like when people try to twist facts to show that we can all play in the same sandbox. No matter how noble your intentions are, you disrespect our intelligen­ce.I do not appreciate Jackson’s efforts to portray Sharia as based on secular concepts and not based on Koran and the life of our prophet. It is my personal belief as a moderate Muslim that Muslims need to update Sharia for Muslims countries to join the 21 century.

When an American Muslim takes the oath of Allegiance­, He or she is given the rights and responsibi­lities by the Constituti­on provided to all Americans. I took this oath and if I had any problem abiding by the Constituti­on, I would not have. If any American Muslims had a problem following the Constituti­on then they lied under oath.

Since I took the oath, I have enjoyed the rights to express myself and worship as I wish. These first two rights provided by the Constituti­on, are not allowed by Sharia.
Now just for fun let’s have one example from Sharia: non-Muslim­s in Muslim countries have an obligation of paying ( Jizyah) consider it taxes for the privilege of living there. If Americans adopt a similar concept would American Muslims agree to pay additional taxes?”

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