Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My reply to Kodimipral at the Huffington post

Before you start singing the praises of Sharia by presenting half facts, please consider that these laws have caused gender inequality for years.
Please allow me to add more facts to your statement: “The fact is that in Islamic law as a whole, women are much more favoured financiall­y than their male counterpar­ts” Then readers can decide for themselves.

Under Sharia laws:
1-      A woman is not allowed to leave her house (even to visit her sick mother) without her husband’s permission.
2-      A woman is not allowed to work to support herself unless her husband grants his approval.
3-      On marriage the woman gets a Mahr ( money/ gift) in exchange of signing away her rights to be individual because she becomes a property under the tutelage of her husband.
4-      A man is allowed to hit his wife.
5-      A man is also allowed to punish his wife by withholding sex.
6-      A man has the right to divorce his wife by simply saying;
“You are divorced”
7-      A man has the right to have multiple wives as long as he can provide for them.
8-      A man has the right not to acknowledge children born out of wedlock and has the right never to support these children.
9-      At the divorce instead of paying alimony, the man is required to pay the maintenance fee  for  only 3 months during the months of (iddat)
I could go on but I do not want to bother readers by all the facts that caused injustices to women under the name of Sharia

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