Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A huffington post blogger advocating Sharia/ Kodimipral

"The US courts would not consider the needs of the offspring if Ali did not leave a will. The entire wealth would go to his second wife. Check on this. It is an unfair law.
The answer to your second question is given below: Not all sharia laws apply to non-Muslim­s.
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 I am sharing a post that irritated me by Kodimipral on Huffington post . Read it then read my response to him in my following post.Samara

The male has the duty to support his family while the female is exempted from any sort of financial responsibi­lity and can spend it all on herself without the need to share.

The fact is that in Islamic law as a whole, women are much more favoured financiall­y than their male counterpar­ts for the following reasons:

1. Before marriage any gift given to women is her own and her husband has no legal right to claim on it even after marriage.

2. On marriage she is entitled to receive a marriage gift (Mahr) and this is her own property.

3. Even if the wife is rich, she is not required to spend a single penny for household; the full responsibi­lity for her food, clothing, housing, medication­s and recreation etc. are her husband's.

4. Any income the wife earns through investment or working is entirely her own.

5. In case of divorce, if any deferred part of the Mahr is left unpaid, it becomes due immediatel­y.

6 . The divorcee woman is entitled to get maintenanc­e from husband during her waiting period (iddat)."

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