Saturday, December 4, 2010

When the veil drops, my sexual memoir

I received these questions in a comment by a Muslim reader using less than kind words. I removed the comment because of the use of obscene words.

My book "When the veil drops" tells the story about how I reconciled my exterior and interior worlds. I suffered injustices as a little girl. My parents had no qualms showing obvious favoritism for my brother.  I suffered disappointment in my adult life. I leaned on Koran in my childhood as much as I leaned on sex in my adulthood. Both  Koran and sex were  my ways to search for my identity. In my childhood, I entered Koran memorizing competitions. My winnings were not celebrated because "I was only the girl".  One day I will write about my childhood because growing up in a world dominated by male power deserves its own book.

After becoming a Thayeb divorced woman,I dated and I felt trapped by restraints and guilt. Writing an autobiography about my sex life freed me from guilt. I sinned. I repented and my transformation into a strong woman is complete.The introspection was a spiritual experience. I am not a hypocrite Muslim. I do not have skeletons in my closet. Every skeleton has a chapter's title as a headstone. I am free to challenge existing stereotypes and focus on my quest to update the interpretation of Koran.

My book symbolizes to me the acceptance of my own identity. It is a light-hearted short vignettes and I am not ashamed of it. It was picked by Conversations magazine as one of the top 100 books for the year 2010. I was aware of how I was going to be judged by Muslims. I decided that publishing the book is another identity-shaping challenge which I had to face. My dear angry Muslim reader, you will get no apology from me.


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  1. I have nothing but admiration for you, keep going. You have great future inshallah1