Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why are we losing the Muslim youth to Jihad?

Yesterday,a Somali American was arrested for attempting to bomb a public square during a Christmas lighting ceremony. The problem is that he is NOT listening to Muslim scholars teaching him a peaceful Islam. He did not  probably read Surah 5, verse 48 " To each of you we prescribed a law and a method" but chances are he saw the cartoons depicting Jews as pigs and monkey based on Surah 5 verse 60.
" Say shall I inform you of what worse than that as penalty from Allah? It is those whom Allah has cursed and with whom he is angry and made of hem apes and pigs and slaves of taghut.Those are worse in position and further astray from the sound way."

As you see 12 verses down Koran goes from saying each has his religion and will be judged by it to a verse depicting Jews as monkeys and pigs. This verse is particulary talking about Jews who did not keep the convenant of Sabbath. Muslim scholars can pick, choose and fabricate Jihad dreams as they wish.  Taking verses out of context and give it their own explanation is their own Friday afternoon hobby. Our prophet ( Peace be upon him) lived among Jews and did not say follow me and eradicate Jews. Islam received early support of a christian king of what is known now as Ethiopia because of the peaceful message without that support we probably would not be talking about Islam today.

Why are we not trying to reach the Muslim youth with the right message? Why not call for a Jihad to end hunger, bad living conditions,and corruption? My personal Jihad is of course to end ignorance.
How many more Muslim youth should we lose to extremists?

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