Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jesus in Koran

To talk about Jesus in Islam is to start difficult conversations. I do not shy away from difficult conversations. At least now I can anger all my readers equally. Some more than others, I am sure. This post is to say to my Christian friends and readers Merry Christmas.We all believe in Jesus maybe differently but we still believe in Jesus.

To share how Jesus is mentioned in Koran, I would need several days in my blog devoted to this topic in order to present it fairly. Some of the miracles of Jesus in the Bible are repeated in Koran. (To my knowledge/ Pleas correct me if I am wrong). Other Miracles of Jesus were mentioned in Koran only. For instance, Jesus talked as a baby to defend Mary Surah 19, verse 30: “Jesus said: “Indeed I am the servant of Allah. He has given me the scripture and made me a prophet.”

Few of the contention points:

·         We believe that Jesus is not the son of God. However Surah 19, verse 35: “It is not befitting for Allah to take a son; exalted is he! When he decrees an affair, he only says to it “Be” and it is. In other words Jesus is not his son, yet Jesus was created by God’s command

·         We believe that Jesus was not crucified. I realize that this presents a challenge to Christian’s belief. However I need to point out that Koran explains that God raised Jesus to him to honor him. Then God made it appear to them that he was crucified.

Few of agreement points:
·         As Muslims we believe in the Immaculate Conception.
·         Jesus is referred to as the Messiah, the son of Mary, messenger of Allah.
·         Jesus is the word of God. I believe this statement echoes one in the bible.

There are verses where translation is not entirely accurate:
Whenever a verse in Arabic says:   منه
Which means from God’s soul, translation says: (A Soul created at his command.)
I believe that the key to find a middle ground is where translation was not accurate. Researching the Holy Spirit needs an entire chapter.

I do not like the Happy Holidays wish. Merry Christmas ! 

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