Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tired of hearing about Islamic religious rights to the holy land

In our Sunna (Story of the life of our prophet's ) we have plenty of stories about how he had Jewish neighbors, jewish wife ( or just a jewish lover if that is what some believe) and how he lived among Jewish tribes. Does this mean that Jews have a religious right to Saudi? and if yes why not we have not heard anyone claiming Saudi lands?
This Islamic " religious" right to the land is a political lie to justify violence. It has been repeated for years so no one is challenging it. Well, I am.
When I talk to some of my Muslim friends they remind me that Koran named Jews as the enemy of God. My answer is there is another verse in Koran naming Jews as God's chosen people. We should not pick and choose. We should strive to find the peaceful message of Koran after all our prophet lived among Jews.

Note: There was no marriage contract and the prophet lived with a jewish woman then she was his wife as much as any other wife was.

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