Friday, April 22, 2011

When the veil drops is the first sexual memoir by an Arab Muslim

There was a question in Yahoo ask about my book:" When the veil drops"?
Here is the answer :When the veil drops is the first sexual memoir by an Arab Muslim. It was published on June 1, 2010. It is available for purchase on Amazon. com.You can actually look inside and read few pages. I am proud to call it my book.

Last week,I received a message from a Saudi woman who read my book. She told me that she is a closet fan of my book and that she rails against me and my book in front of her friends. She went through a lot of trouble to locate and contact me. Of course,she could not befriend me on facebook.

I was very happy to receive her message. I actually answered her that there is no such thing as bad publicity. I assured her that I understand why she has to be an enemy of the book. I live here in The US and I am American. I can afford to be outspoken. I asked her to feel free about becoming the enemy of my book. The book needs a good fake enemy:) She just need to stop though before a Fatwa on my head.

To reach at least one Saudi woman is a privilege. Now I know that there are nine Saudi women who read my book and told each other how they hate it. I posted the reason why I wrote my book when the veil drops on December 4th, 2010 and you can read it if you missed it. However, receiving a message from a fan who has to denounce me in public is worth all the trouble of having the book published.

The new enemy of the book is a smart, twenty five years old educated Saudi woman and I am very privileged to become her internet friend. I am very thankful for my friend who purchased my book and gave it away to women in Saudi and of  course keeping my identity secret. I joke with my friend saying that she became a drug dealer who gave my drug/book for free.




  1. Hi Samara,
    are you planning on turning your book into an ebook? I wanted to know more about your book (read a few pages ) before i purchase it but unfortunately i couldn't find anything online
    and $20 for a book (especially that i know nothing about ) is quite a risk.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your interest. I created a discount code for you which will give you $10 off and it should be active within couple of days. You have to purchase directly from Amazon and it will elligible for super saver shipping as well. When a reseller is selling my book, I can't control the price he puts.
    Here is your discount code:DHRV7W4P
    Put it all caps and I am sure it will be active in few days.