Thursday, March 10, 2011

My comment on a Huffington post story

Here is the link to the story itself

As a moderate Muslim, I am happy for Florida and wish more states to follow. I speak from the position of knowing Sharia and not wanting to see any part of it used in court in the United States. Please do not take it as Islamphobi­c, pointing fingers or whatever else. Please take it for what it is Sharia law is not compatible with human rights and our constituti­on.

To be an American you swear to abide by the constituti­on and only the constituti­on. Therefore no American Muslim should seek Sharia law anyway. That should invalidate and revoke his or her citizenshi­p because he or she would have lied under oath.

Moderate Muslims should update Sharia and reform it for Muslim countries. However, since it is viewed as divine it has not been updated. It is a long road to update Sharia to be suitable for the 21 century.


  1. Who is working on updating Sharia law?

  2. Thank you for your comment. Here is my dream that I am calling on Moderate Muslims to bring into reality.
    First: we have to accept the ijtihad can be practiced by non clerical, i.e educated, philosophers and writers. Second: we as Muslims can start study group to work on the different aspects of studying Sharia. Third: a group of enlightened Muslims can head the reform.

    One step in the right direction is the writing of Abdol Karim Sorouh. An important name comes to mind in the effort to update the outlook of sharia the iranian writer Abdol Karim Sorouh.

    Arab writers are not talking about religious reform. The slightest effort to change things meet resistance for exmaple the opposition which Adnan Rifai meets