Monday, March 14, 2011

Islamic humanitarian work is an oxymoron

Imagine for a minute that the Red Cross decides to help Christians only.  Imagine if all philanthropists decide to help only people who followed their religion, would there be anyone helping in Iraq or Afghanistan?   
Humanitarian means for all humans and not Muslims only. This rule of giving charity only to Muslims, has to be changed to align it with the spirit of Islam. If our prophet Mohammad ( May peace be upon him) did not receive help from the Christian king Najashy what would have happened to early Muslims?

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  1. It is interesting that Libyan rebels are seeking help not from other Muslim states, but from the ostensively Christian west. This despite the simple fact that Egypt for example has a massive military machine. Th Muslim states seem quite happy to accuse the west of interfering in their affairs until they need a no fly zone.