Monday, March 28, 2011

Did Assad lose his forest?

I need to explain the title for non Arabic speakers readers, Assad means lion in Arabic. On Friday, I was talking to a friend and he said that even as a lion you have to play well with all the animals in the forest. I answered: “Or eat them.” Bashar Assad did a little of both. He used his youthful image (45 years old) to play the reformer who would bring change. Of course, he was aiming at gaining the trust of the youth. He also used his family members and allies to spread corruption supported by his secret police hand.

On March 18, I wrote a blog wondering why Syrians are not up in the streets. I did not have a political crystal ball. It was the issue on my mind since January 25 the day of Anger in Egypt.  As I heard any comment about Egypt, I answered: "Well Syrians have to revolt first". My Syrians friends were assuring me that they love him. That reminds me, maybe I need to have tea and cake and invite them over. Syria did amend its constitution to elect Young Assad when his father died. That makes Assad the only president in history who used democracy to inherit his presidency.

If there is a competition in Moral Decay and oppression, Assad wins. Not only did the regime spread terror in the heart of its people, the Assad’s regime also used its invisible, yet visible hand in Lebanon. How can we forget the assassination of Hariri? I am sure that the people of Lebanon are happy to hear the news in Syria. Maybe Lebanese will finally get their freedom from any Syrian influence.


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  1. "Sunshine Sam" Klein (a "Jewish Sufi")March 28, 2011 at 9:50 AM

    In America there are many Lebanese Christians. That is because they have all been chased away by Syria! If memory serves me, Lebanon was the ONLY ONE, OF ALL ARAB COUNTRIES, to have a "Christian Majority" population. Syria created a "War" to kick them out, just like Hezbollah & Hamas & Iran created Wars to kick Israel out! One thing Lebanon & Israel have in common, here in America- is that they BOTH have "refugees" here, who open up "Middle-Eastern Style Restaurants". One case in point, is Jimmy Tayoun, a Lebanese City Councilman from Philadelphia. He owns "Middle East Restaurant", located at 2nd & Chestnut St. Also, an Israeli Family opened up a "Falafel House" at 10th & Pine St., called "Sabra". Israeli's and Arabs serve exactly the same food: Hummus, Baba Ganouch, Falafel, Tabouli, etc. We are all from the same "Semitic" culture, and serve the exact same cuisine- so why are we killing one another? It makes no sense! I say Shalom, they say Salaam but it all means "Peace". So where is all of the "Peace" that all of us talk about? All 3 Faiths (Muslim,Christian, & Jew) need to STOP fighting over "Jerusalem" and declare this a "Semite Holy Land", since Moses, Jesus, & Muhammad were all of them "Neighbors". So why can't we be, still? Our root "Hebrew Language" is almost the same; we all like the "Same Food"; our "Music" is much the same... so why can't (as Rodney King said) we all get along? I hate that Americans will not allow Muslims to build Mosques in some places; they are just as wicked as Israeli's & Arabs who refuse to share the Holy Land with one another. American Indians believe Earth is our "Mother" & therefore no person can own what is the "Bride of God"! I hate all this Christ-Hatred, Anti- Semitism, & Islamophophia among the "Three Root- Semitic-Races"! It makes as much sense as the "Greed for Land" that NOBODY BUT "GOD" OWNS!!! What you call "Moral Decay" & "Oppression", all begins with the "Sickness from Within". EACH ONE OF US IS GUILTY, when we close our Heart's to "God's Love". Do not "BLAME YOUR SEMITE NEIGHBOR" but instead- "BLAME YOURSELVES". Each and every one of You- Arab, Christian & Jew are "God's Children"... but you all ACT LIKE CHILDREN! "Share the Holy Land" & STOP ALL THIS BLOODSHED! Instead, make all your "Children"... & make "God" HAPPY AND "PROUD"!!!