Sunday, May 1, 2011

Al Qaeda site/reaction to Bin laden death translated

Here is the translation:
President Obama announced that Bin Laden killed in a fire fight which means he died honorably.
Osama said: " He is a happy one who dies a martyr"
It is either a life who pleases the friend or a death that annoys your enemy. It is not necessary to enjoy the fruits of a quick victory. It is enough honor to die as martyr. It is beautiful for history to build our honor of the corpses and lay its corners in on our skulls and to walk proudly in the way of Jihad whether to have long or short lifes.
May God accept Osama and who were with him as martyrs.

This was the statement posted few minutes ago on the website I am Muslim. This site has been representing the views of AlQaida.

I am doing this research and translation to give my fellow Americans the whole experience of hearing all side of the news.

Samara Alexander

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