Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yusuf Al Qardawi urges Egyptians protesters to go to Tahrir square

3 is the unconfirmed number of death which has people outraged about Mubarak supporters or Mubarak thugs or call them whatever you want to call them. The gunfire source is not even verified. Eye witness accounts are allegedly confirming that they saw I Ds on the thugs linking them to Mubarak regime. May I ask how were they able to ask the armed ones to step of their camels and horses and show I D?

 In a country of 80 millions, Really 3 !  We are outraged about 3. It is probably the number of death of people dying daily from heart attacks sitting on their couches watching TV in Egypt or just from breathing polluted Egyptian air. It is definitely LESS than the number of people dying from car accidents driving like crazy in Tahrir square everyday. Have you ever been in Tahrir square? I have and people die everyday just crossing or driving in Tahrir square.

 (Due to the Maybe 3 dead) we are  now urging Obama to use pressure on Mubarak to leave. I thought that what we hold dearly as Americans is a policy of no interference.Whether they are Mubarak supporters or Mubarak thugs, violence is the language spoken in the Middle East. Let them deal with each other using the language that they all speak. If you study Egyptian history you will find that nothing changes there unless you use force.

The peaceful protesting is a new trend coming from Egyptians in their twenties who are following westerners and asking for their rights the western way. They should have had a western reaction and accept his speech as victory. They should have gone home and celebrated a victory.The fact that he was not going to step down immediatly made them react with their boiling hot Egyptian feelings. They throw a tantrum and got punished. These young protesters are being manipulated. I hope their activists take a moment to think what is at stake here.
 Yussef Al Qardawi is asking young protesters to go seek martyrdom in Tahrir square. Strange, I thought Islam  according to Al Qardawi is about following whatever the people in charge say without questioning or is it only the rule once Islamic groups are in charge?

Yusuf Al Qardawi is an Egyptian associated with MB (Muslim Brotherhood). Is it still not clear where this power vacuum will lead Egypt?

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