Saturday, February 19, 2011

My comment at National review online

I am posting a comment on National review and I am not sure if it will be posted.
Here it is
As a moderate Muslim, I find it shameful to hear Qardawi who is at the core of Fatwas and islamists ideals.
He uses verses of Koran to say that the Jews will face three majors disasters before they get destroyed. One is during Pharao times, second under Hitler then he cheers islamists to go bring on the third time through Jihad.
Islamists spent a long time on Holocaust denial, and it did not work for them so they flipped the switch and now claiming the Hitler was acting on God's order.
I try to expose Qaradwi every chance I get on my daily blog moderatemuslimspeaksout.However, I know that he is hero in Muslim'seye even mainstream Muslims.


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