Saturday, November 5, 2011

Would Adnan Al Rifai approve of "when the veil drops"?

One of my readers asked the question: " Would your personal hero Adnan Al Rifai like your open book "When the veil drops? "

First, I want to thank the reader for saying (open book) and refrain from insulting my book and I did lose sleep over this question. Second, Adnan is my personal hero as far as Ijtihad and personal interpretation goes. My answer is I do not really know if Adnan would hate my book because I talked about my sexual life and my personal views about Islam and sexuality. He strikes me as an open-minded person but I can't tell for sure that he would not judge my writings like other Muslim scholars.

If Muslim scholars hate my book , would moderate Muslim thinkers hate it as well? Would Adnan hate or appreciate my honesty? Maybe he would hate my poetry or like that it is influenced by Koran?
So far, I have only received negative attacks from Muslim readers.However,I welcome all comments from readers and Muslims whether here on my blog or on Amazon

I appreciate all comments which open honest discussion.

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