Monday, May 2, 2011

Translation of the reactions of Arab readers on Aljazeera

Bin laden was a criminal who just received his just punishment and it hurts me to read these comments posted by Arab readers.Of course these reactions only represent their writers, not Aljazeera and not all Muslims or Arabs. However, I am sharing these reactions because the American is only showing the reactions of Americans.
The first comment was by a woman from Algeria: " This news is timed to perfection.This event is further proof that Al Qaeda is only a toy in the hands of the US and a ploy to justify war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why else would it have taken ten years to kill Bin Laden."

To this nice lady, I say that it is ludicrous to imply that killing Bin Laden was an election game.

Second comment came from Egypt, a man asked that God bless Bin Laden and accept the leader of Mujahedeen among the ranks of his martyrs.
Third comment came from Sudan compared the death of Bin Laden to the death of prophet Mohammad. He said that Islam did not die with the death of Mohamed and the idea of Jihad will not die with the death of Bin Laden.
The fourth comment is from another man from Sudan saying that now the US will be able to enlave more oppressed countries even more..

Again I denounce these comments. Turning a criminal into a hero does not help anyone
Samara Alexander

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  1. Hi Samara ALexander, I've been a reader of your blog for a while. As an American non-Muslim, I thank you for writing this, it's great to see Muslims speak out against al-Qaeda in unequivocal terms. I read a little Arabic, and I noticed a lot of
    انا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
    in Al-jazeera's arabic comments. Is this typically used like Allah yirhamuhu to mourn someone who's died?