Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Umdat Al Salik

The question was asked. I interviewed my good friend Moustafa who happens to be an Egyptian professor of law.

What would say about Umdat Al Salik  as a book to someone who never heard about it?
-          First, it is called Umdat Al salik and Umdat Al Nasik. The author is Ahmed Ibn Lou Lou Ibn Abdel Allah Alrumi.  His father was a Christian from Rome. He was born in Egypt and become a Faqiih ( an expert in faqih). The book is one of the several books in Faqih ruling in the Shafi school.

What is the significance of the book?
The book summarizes the rulings in Imam Shafi school. The author announced himself that the only significance is that he used two important scholars as reference: Al Nawawi and Arafi.

Is there any other historical special value attached to the book?
Well, the author is considered Sufi. The book was used by Sufis to show that there is no contradiction between being a Sufi and being a Muslim. You know it helped them facing Wahabists.

As you see from the answers I received, Muslims can not ignore Umdat Al Salik as it is the compilation of rulings in Shafi School. I will answer any question you send my way. If I do not know the answer, I will find it. Special Thanks goes to professor Moustafa.


  1. I find all this strange!. Islam s basterdised Judiasm and Suiisn is bastardised Islam!. Why I as a converted Muslim (converted under duress) am completely at a loss.I feel like ending my life and curse Islam.

  2. Please do not ever think that. There is never anything that is worth ending our life.struggling with your faith is normal and if your faith is Islam, struggle is definitely normal. Converting under duress does not count or so we have been taught. Keep your chin up.